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About Us

Motown Glory Partners Community Development Corporation (MGP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2020 dedicated to addressing current housing challenges with innovative solutions and strong community support. We work hard to help people and make our community a better place to live through different programs and actions.

At MGP, diversity and inclusion are foundational to our success. We value and celebrate differences in race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, ability, and socioeconomic background. Our inclusive culture promotes equal opportunities for all, fostering innovation and collaboration. Through our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we create a stronger organization and contribute positively to our communities.


Our mission is to lead community development initiatives in disadvantaged communities, empowering residents and fostering sustainable growth and prosperity.


Our vision is to create vibrant and inclusive communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Through strategic investments, collaborative partnerships, and a commitment to affordability, safety, and quality housing, we aim to build neighborhoods that are not only enjoyable to live, work, and play in, but also offer opportunities for economic growth and prosperity. We envision a future where our communities are resilient, connected, and flourishing, serving as models of equitable development for generations to come.


  • Transform neighborhoods; build stronger community relationships.

  • Facilitate access to affordable housing options.

  • Offer housing and financial counseling services.

  • Provide engaging horsemanship/riding lessons.


  • Successfully implement "The Whitney Project" in Detroit, enhancing the community and promoting revitalization.

  • Foster active community engagement to unify and invigorate the Petoskey-Otsego neighborhood.

  • Beautify and diversify housing options, catering to families, seniors, veterans, students, disabled, and working-class professionals.

  • Leverage partnerships to offer horsemanship/riding lessons to underserved populations, providing access to enriching recreational activities.


  • Community:  Boost resident involvement in block club initiatives and volunteer activities, fostering a sense of unity and belonging.

  • Housing:  Decrease the prevalence of vacant and blighted residential and commercial properties, revitalizing and beautifying neighborhoods and promoting community stability.

  • Social Assistance:  Expand the availability of affordable and secure housing options, ensuring greater housing security for residents. Provide direct access to horsemanship/riding lessons to disadvantaged youth.

  • Education:  Enhance financial, health/wellness literacy among community members and promote civic engagement, empowering individuals to make informed decisions and participate actively in community affairs.

  • Partnerships:  Create more opportunities for small businesses to thrive and contribute to the local economy, fostering economic growth and sustainability within the community.


  • Patrice Williams-Johnson

President & Treasurer

Gaithersburg, Maryland 

  • Beverly Jones

Vice President & Secretary

Executive Director

Petoskey-Otsego Neighborhood Association

Detroit, Michigan

  •  Kayla Johnson


Chief Operating Officer

Pat & Kay Dog Boarding Services LLC

Gaithersburg, Maryland

  • Seth Perlman


Senior Strategist

Anderson Legal, Business & Tax Advisors

Las Vegas, Nevada

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